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Guitar Cards Deck

Guitar Cards Deck

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Guitar Cards make music theory tangible, movable, and playable. This makes understanding music theory a lot more accessible, especially for people who struggle with word-based learning.

Each chord has been made bigger, movable, and colourful.

Three musical card games have already been developed, accommodating musicians of all levels:

♥︎ Riff! is similar to Snap, helping new musicians learn about chords and keys.
♥︎ Song Seeder helps to learn, play and analyse songs while remaining in key, even if you don't know music theory.
♥︎ Nashville Hold 'Em is like Texas Hold 'Em, except every hand demonstrates a musical concept in a hands-on way.

The more you learn about harmony, the more ways you'll be able to play with the cards - and vice versa!

Guitar Cards are long lasting, printed to casino quality: 310 gsm German black-core cards with a linen texture and protective varnish.

Delivery info: All decks ship from Ireland, and are shipped within 2 or 3 working days. Price does not include duties or international (outside EU) taxes.

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