Guitar Cards…

…are playing cards that have been dipped in colourful music. Learn chords and harmony while having fun, and see music in whole new ways.

Play our games such as Riff! and Song Seeder and see your skills grow. As your skill and knowledge develops, you will find new ways to play the cards too.

The Chords

Guitar Cards are just like playing cards, except they also feature both major and minor chords, arranged in fifths.

A piano chord diagram represents the keys on a piano. Push all three named notes to play the chord.

A guitar chord diagram represents the guitar neck. The numbers show which finger to use, and where to place them.

The O’s at the top are open strings, which are in the chord, while the X’s at the top show muted strings, which are not played.

The Harmony

The chords shown on each card are arranged by the circle of fifths - a map of musical harmony. This means neighbouring cards will sound harmonious.

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